22.11.1974    Born in Yokohama Japan.

00.04.1980    Sei Kanamori Dance Studio
          Studied under his father.

00.08.1990    Asami Maki Ballet Company
          Studied under Asami Maki and Kyozo Mitani etc.

00.09.1992    Rudra Bejart Lausanne
          Studied under Maurice Bejart etc.

00.06.1993    Choreographed a maiden work "You must know".

00.08.1994    Nederlands Dance Theater 2

00.01.1997    Choreographed "Under the marron tree".
          Premiere by Nederlands Dance Theater 2.

00.09.1997    Ballet de l'Opera National de Lyon

00.10.1997    Choreographed "Cantus"
          Premiere by Nederlands Dance Theater 2.

00.12.1997    Choreographed "Anitya".
          Premiered by Ballet de l'Opera National de Lyon.

00.02.1999    Choreographed "L'Arbre Noire".
          Premiere by Ballet de l'Opera National de Lyon.

          *Awarded a price of K de Lyon for the dance of " Solo for two " by Mats Ek.

00.08.1999    The Gothenburg Ballet

00.05.2000    Choreographed "Symphony of Sorrowful Songs -3rd song".
          Premieres by New National Theater Ballet Tokyo.

00.04.2001    Free lance Dancer and Choreographer

00.11.2001    Choreographed "Me/mento 4am 'ne' siac ".
          Premieres by Nederlands Dance Theater.

00.06.2002    Move back to Japan.

00.11.2002    Choreographed "String/s piece"
          Premiere by New National Theater Ballet Tokyo.

          *Awarded a price of Newcomer Choreographer from Japan Dance Critic Association.

00.02.2003    Produced [ no・mad・ic project ], choreographed "7 fragments in memory".

00.08.2003    Choreograohed "side in / side out".
          Premiered by The Gothenburg Ballet.

          *Awarded a price of Asahi Performing Arts Price and Kirin Dance Support
                                   for "7 fragments in memory".

00.02.2004    Choreographed "Wall".
          Premiered by project Noism.

00.03.2004    Dance Theater Nuremberg premiered "Me/mento 4am 'ne' siac".

00.04.2004 Become The Artistic Director of Dance Department at Niigata City Performing Arts Center.

                            Establish Japan's first residential dance company Noism04.

00.06.2004  Noism04 Premiered "SHIKAKU".

00.10.2004  Noism04 Premiered "black ice".
             Co production of 6 domestic theaters in Japan.

00.01.2005  Noism05 Tour to N.Y. and Montreal, premiered "untitled".
             Performe at Japan Contemporary Dance Showcase.

00.02.2005  Noism05 Premiered "no・mad・ic project -7 fragments in memory".
             By the award of Kirin Dance Suport 2003.

00.07.2005  Noism05 Produced [ Triple Bill ].
             Invite Alessio Silvestrin / Ikuyo Kuroda / Ryohei Kondo as guest choreographer.

00.08.2005  Personal Produced [ no-mad-ic project 2 -festival ].
             Danced with Kazunori Kumagai,and invited Japanese dancers who works in EU.

00.11.2005  Noism05 Premiered "NINA -materialized sacrifice".

             *Awarded a price of the 37th Dance Critic Association.

00.02.2006  Noism06 Premiered "Play 4:34" at Ryutopia Noh Theater.

00.05.2006  Noism06 Premiered "sense-datum" at Ryutopia Studio B.

00.08.2006  Personal Invited from Korea Dance Festival as guest teacher and premiered "no title".

00.11.2006  Noism06 Produced [ Triple Vision ].
             Invite Shintaro O-ue / Kristine and InaoYishifumi Inao as guest choreographer.

             *Awarded a price of Arts Encouragement Matsuyama Ballet Foundation.

00.01.2007  Noism07 Tour to U.S and South America,
             Performed "NINA -materialized sacrifice ver black".
             Santiago-Chile / NY + Chicago-U.S / Sao Paulo-Brazil.

00.04.2007  Noism07 Premiered "PLAY 2 PLAY~interfering dimensions".

00.07.2007  Noism07 Tour to Moscow Russia, performed "NINA -materialized sacrifice ver black".
             [ Chekov International Theater Festival ] at Meyerhold Theater.

00.10.2007  Noism07 Produced [ W-view ].
             Invite Yoko Ando / Megumi Nakamura as guest choreographer.

00.02.2008  Noism08 Tour to Washington & Michigan US,
             Performed "NINA -materialized sacrifice ver black".
             [ Japan Culture + Hyper culture Festival ] at Kennedy Arts Center.

00.04.2008  Noism08 Tour to Seoul Korea, performed "NINA -materialized sacrifice ver black".

00.06.2008  Noism08 Premiered "Nameless Hands -house of dolls".

             *Awarded a price of Asahi Performing Arts Price,
                        and Kirin Dance Support for "A Doll's House" by Noism08.

00.08.2008  Personal Danced in Janacek's Opera "Cunning Little Vixen".
              At [ Saito Kinen Festival ] directed by Seiji Ozawa.

00.11.2008  Noism08 Performed "NINA -materialized sacrifice ver black" in Japan.

             *Awarded a price of The 58th Minister of Culture,
                  The 61th Niigata Nippo Culture /The 40th Dance Critic Association.

00.01.2009  Noism09 Tour to Paris + Nantes France, gave work-shop of Kanamori Method.

00.06.2009  Noism09 Premiered "ZONE -shimmer, sunder, moon on the water".
             Co Production with New National Theater Tokyo.

00.07.2009  Noism09 Performed " nomadic " at Niigata Modern Arts Museum [ Neoteny Japan ].

00.08.2009  unit-Cyan Start the private unit with Sawako Iseki, premiered "Cyan’s Confess".
              Production of Kochi Arts Museum.

00.09.2009  unit-Cyan Performed extract of "Cyan’s Confess" at [ dancetoday 2009 ].
              Production of Saitama Arts Theater.

00.09.2009 Establish the trainee company Noism2, and the main company rename Noism1.

00.10.2009  Noism1 Tour to Taipei Taiwan, performed "NINA -materialized sacrifice ver black".
            At Naitonal Opera House.

00.11.2009  Noism1 Premiered "Nameless Poison -black monk".
            Co Production with [ Chekov International Theater Festival ].

00.12.2009  Personal Choreograph the dance part in Opera [ La Traviata ], directed by Tadashi Suzuki.

00.03.2010  Noism2 Produced [ spring performance 2010 ].
            Invite Yuki Yamada as guest choreographer.

00.06.2010  Noism1 Tour to Moscow Russia, performed "Nameless Poison -black monk".
             At Fomenko Theater, Participate [ Chekov International Theater Festival ].

00.07.2010  Noism1+Noism2 Premiered "A Hoffman’s Tale".

00.10.2010  Noism1 Performed "Nameless Hands -house of dolls".
            By the award of Kirin Dance Suport 2008.

00.11.2010  Noism1 Tour to Paris France, performed "NINA -materialized sacrifice ver black".
            At Japan Culture Center.

00.12.2010  Noism1 Premiered "A Mayfly’s Shadow" at Niitsu Arts Museum Niigata.
            Collaboration with grass artist Hiromi Masuda.

00.02.2011  Noism2 Produced [ spring performance 2011 ].
            Invite Kenta Kojiri as guest choreographer.

00.05.2011  Noism1 Produced [ OTHERLAND ].
            Invite Alessio Silvestrin / Kristine and Yoshifumi Inao as guest choreographer.

       Noism2 Premiered "The Fire Bird".

00.06.2011  Personal  Produced [ 11.3 Charity Performance ] with organist Maki Yamamoto.
             Performance of Ryutopia residential artists.

00.08.2011  Personal  Direct the Opera and choreographed the Ballet at [ Saito Kinen Festival ].
             Bartok’s "Bluebeard’s Castle" conducted by Seiji Ozawa

00.09.2011  Personal  Tour to Beijin Chaina with Saito Kinen Orchestra,
             Performed "Bluebeard’s Castle" at National Opera House.

       unit-Cyan Performed "Cyan’s Confess" at Sunport Hall Takamatsu.

00.12.2011  Noism1+Noism2 Performed new version of "A Hoffman’s Tale".

00.02.2012  Noism2 Produced [ spring performance 2012 ].
            Invite Yoshifumi Inao as guest choreographer.

00.03.2012  Noism1+Noism2 Produced [ Charity Performance ] at Sendai, Premiered "solo for 2".

       Noism1 Performed "solo for 2" at [ NHK Ballet Feast ].

00.04.2012  Noism1 Performed "ZONE -shimmer, sunder, moon on the water", at Kennedy Arts Center.

00.05.2012  Noism1 Performed "Bluebeard’s Castle" and "Miraculous Mandarin".
            At Opera House of Florence Italy.

00.06.2012  Noism1 Premiered "Nameless Voice -garden of water, house of sand".
            Co Production with 5 domestic theaters in Japan.

00.08.2012  unit-Cyan Premiered "Cyan’s House", production of Kochi Arts Museum.

00.12.2012  Noism1+Noism2 Performed "solo for 2 / Miraculous Mandarin".

00.02.2013  Noism2 Produced [ spring performance 2013 ].
            Invite Yuki Yamada as guest choreographer.

00.03.2013  Personal New National Theater Ballet Tokyo premiered "solo for 2".

00.05.2013  Noism1 Premiered "ZAZA -between the pray and desire".

00.08.2013  unit-Cyan Performed "Cyan’s House" at Sunport Hall Takamatsu.

00.11.2013  Noism1 Tour to Madrid Spain, performed "Nameless Hands -house of dolls" .
            At Canal Theater.

00.12.2013  Noism1 Performed new version of "PLAY 2 PLAY -nterfering dimensions".

00.02.2014  Personal Directed "Nois(roo)m" at Niigata Arts Museum [ Niigata Creation ].

00.03.2014  Noism2 Produced [ spring performance 2014 ].
            New creation by Yuki Yamada(House choreographer) / Takuya Fujisawa(Noism1).

00.04.2014  Personal Inaugurated to International committee of BeSeTo Theater Festival.

00.06.2014  Noism1+Noism2 Premiered "CARMEN".
                Co Production of 3 domestic theaters in Japan.

       Personal Become The Adviser of Niigata City Cultural Creation.

00.08.2014  unit-Cyan Premiered "Cyan’s Solitude", production of Kochi Arts Museum.

00.12.2014  Noism1 Premiered "ASU -devote for invisibility".

00.01.2015  Personal Performed "Under the marron tree" at [ Aoyama Ballet Festival -Last show ].

00.02.2015  Noism2 Produced [ spring performance 2015 ].
            Invite Yasutake shimaji as guest choreographer.

00.03.2015  Noism1 Premiered "supernova" at [ NHK Ballet Feast ].

       Personal Choreographed dance part in [ NHK-BS Premium Issey Miyake Documentary ].

00.06.2015  Noism1 Premiered "Sheltered Princess".

00.07.2015  Personal Performance Director at [ Niigata City Water and Land Arts Festival ].

00.08.2015 Start the project company Noism0.

00.08.2015  Personal Produced Niigata International Dance Festival.
             Invite City Contemporary Dance Company (Hong Kong CHINA)
             Daegu City Modern Dance Company (Daegu KOREA).

00.09.2015  Noism0 Premiered "The House of Spirits".

       Noism1 Tour to Seoul Korea, performe "Sheltered Princess" at Namsam Arts Center.
            Participate [ BeSeTo Theater Festival in Seoul ].

00.12.2015  Noism2 Produced [ performance 2015 ], program of Yuki Yamada's Double Bill.

00.01.2016  Noism1+Noism2 Performed "CARMEN".
                Co Production of 3 domestic theaters in Japan.

00.06.2016  Noism1+Noism2 Premiered "La Bayadere -nation of illusion".

00.08.2016  Noism0 Performed "The House of Spirits".

00.10.2016  Personal Produced [ Niigata BeSeTo Theater Festival ].
             Invite Shaanxi People's Theater (China) / Yohangza Theater Company (Korea).
             BIRD Theater Company (Japan) + Performance Group TUIDA (Korea).

00.12.2016  Noism2 Produced [ performance 2016 ].
            Program of "The Fire Bird" + new creation by Yuki Yamada.

00.01.2017  Noism1 Premiered "The Match Seller's Tale + passacaglia".